True farmer-winegrowers

Authenticity and togetherness

We work together as a family and our days follow the rhythms of the weather, the vines and the casks. We have chosen to work in a free and spontaneous manner so that our wines are honest and authentic, just like us.

From vine to glass, we espouse cheerfulness, simplicity and togetherness in our work. True luxury in life is about taking the time to treat yourself!

Marvelling at nature and making a commitment to the environment

Trèfle dans une vigne à Charly-sur-Marne, Champagne Drémont-Marroy

The most banal things are the most beautiful. Observing the first bud of the season, smelling the scent of vine flowers, enjoying a ray of sunlight after the rain…

When you take the time to enjoy these small doses of happiness, you understand just how important environmental protection is. This is why we have always produced wine in a nature and biodiversity-oriented and friendly way.

And after three years of conversion work, in 2022 we finally harvested our first ORGANIC certified grapes!

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Pied de vigne en automne, Champagne Drémont-Marroy
Coccinelle sur une caisse à vendange, Champagne Drémont-Marroy

Challenging ourselves and learning

Caisse de vendange, Champagne Drémont Marroy

We work mindfully throughout our Champagne wines production process.

Our aim is to create wines that are flavourful and surprising, and are ideal for sociable moments.

This is why Jean-Rémi in the cellar is always on the lookout for new ideas.

passion and optimism

The Drémont-Marroy wine estate is the result of the determination and optimism of a family of enthusiasts, with each generation rising to their own specific challenges.

Our parents developed the vineyard of their dreams by planting over 60,000 vines.

Pied de vigne en automne, Champagne Drémont-Marroy

“Our vineyard is like a 3rd child, we built it, we worried about it, we rejoiced in it and now we’re watching it blossom..”

Françoise Marroy

The satisfaction of a job well done

Grappe de raisin portée par Mélanie Drémont lors de la vendange 2019 à Charly-Sur-Marne
As their children, we look back on this Herculean task with a great deal of respect and admiration. We are now duty-bound to take care of this vineyard handed down by our parents, and that is why we look after it by hand, with great patience and diligence. We undertake all the tasks manually, from pruning to harvest, because we believe that the best tool will always be the hand of a winegrowing enthusiast.
Grain raisin Chardonnay en Champagne, Charly-sur-Marne. Champagne Drémont-Marroy
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