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A company with true family values.

Jean-Louis Drémont. Champagne Drémont-Marroy à Charly-Sur-Marne
As a young retiree, Jean-Louis is delighted and proud to have conveyed his values of authenticity, simplicity and joie de vivre to his son and daughter by passing on his land and a lifetime’s work. Even today, he continues to provide his assistance and experienced eye on the estate. As a true child of the vines, Jean-Louis continues to take delight in the development of Champagne Drémont-Marroy.

Jean-Rémi is a real all-rounder and works on the vines and in the cellar. He may be found driving a tractor, wielding pruning shears, at the bottom of the casks, or in a tank. Audacious and determined, his studies combined his liking for the profession of winegrowing with a scientific approach. He graduated as a winemaking technician, followed by a further qualification in oenology, and then undertook a degree course in Biology, Earth Sciences, Environmental Studies and Oenology.

Françoise Marroy, Champagne Drémont Marroy

Positive, spontaneous and very tuned in, Françoise loves to share her knowledge and work with each individual’s personality. In addition to the administrative and commercial management, she manages all aspects of the seasonal work (including the grape harvests and trellising). Françoise is a people person, and she loves interacting with clients and the teams working on the vines.


“When I grow up, I am going to be a Champagne maker!”
Versatile and dynamic, Mélanie was guided by her curiosity when choosing what to study. A real nature lover, she firstly graduated as a technician in stockbreeding (horse studies), followed by a Biology and Ecology degree. Finally, her open-mindedness led her to study the global wine trade to gain the skills to promote our future wines.


We are fortunate enough to have been supported for many years by committed employees who are enthusiastic about winegrowing.


Demanding and enthusiastic, Chantal joined the team 20 years ago. She is comfortable in her own skin, and knows all the nooks and crannies of each of the estate’s growing plots, and even each of the vines.


Lise joined the company at the age of 18, and has been working on the vineyard for nearly 30 years. She is cheerful and likes to see a job well done.


… Our seasonal workers, both those who come once and those who return again and again, who bolster the team during the busy periods, such as trellising and harvesting.

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