Vue sur le vignoble de Pavant, Champagne Drémont-Marroy


We are a true family champagne house and our parents planted most of the vineyard. 

Located midway between Paris and Reims, we work ancestral lands, in the middle of one of the biggest meanders on the River Marne.

Nowadays, we, their children, are rising to the challenge of making Champagnes that reflect us and convey our history, terroir and values.


As winegrowers, our passion for nature has become our job. Our aim is to let each of our growing plots express their unique character, while protecting the biodiversity of our terroir. That is why all of our vineyard is now certified organic.

Jean-Rémi Drémont dans les vignes à Crouttes sur Marne. Champagne Drémont Marroy
Tonneaux pour faire murir le vin. Champagne Drémont-Marroy

We firmly believe in making wine from each plot separately to enable our vines to show their full potential. We use concrete eggs, wooden containers (600l half barrels and full barrels), and tanks, while our ethos is to be as hands-off as possible.

We are free and creative in our blends, and we are keen to create authentic and generous wines that reflect us.

Jean-Rémi & Mélanie Drémont

We believe in the power of our terroir

Discover our ranges of Champagnes: Les Authentiques, Les Terroirs and Les Monocépages, as well as our Coteaux champenois.

Dégustation de deux coupes de Champagne, Charly-sur-Marne

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